Assessing Oxygenation Status in the Management of Lower Extremity Wounds

listopada 2, 2021

Radiometer are pleased to sponsor this webinar, where Maria Goddard, MD, CWS, FAPWCA and board-certified wound care specialist in the Midwest, will discuss the assessment of oxygenation status in the management of lower extremity wounds.

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About this webinar

Transcutaneous monitors that measure tissue oxygen can assist with determining the health of the limb and the ability for a lower extremity wound to heal, and can detect the presence of vascular disease. Understanding these values is vital as it will help the provider to guide clinical decisions in in the plan of care, whether it involve curative measures such as compression therapy or advanced wound care interventions such as negative pressure wound therapy or skin grafts, or palliative or amputation, depending on the patient's goals. Transcutaneous oxygen measurement can be used to determine amputation level in non-healable wounds.

Attendees at this session will:

  • Understand Critical Limb Ischemia including: mortality, limb loss, diminished quality of life, and economic costs
  • Be able to describe tcpO2 as a parameter for diagnosis of critical limb ischemia and the tcpO2 decision tree
  • Understand the current guidelines for tcpO2 in ischemia grading and risk stratification
  • Be able to describe tcpO2 as an indicator of healing potential in hyperbaric oxygen therapy

About the speaker

Maria Goddard, MD, CWS, FAPWCA is a board-certified wound care specialist in the Midwest. She received training in general surgery at Wake Forest School of Medicine and completed fellowship training in burn surgery at both the University of Tennessee-Memphis and the University of Kansas Medical Center. She is board certified in wound care by both the American Board of Wound Management and the American Board of Wound Healing. She is an instructor for Advanced Burn Life Support and a member of the Global Health Committee of the American Burn Association. Dr Goddard also currently serves on both the Communications and Education Steering Committees of the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care.

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